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General Assembly Council Meeting


Event : General Assembly Council Meeting

Venue: Presbyterian Women’s Centre, Abokobi

Date:  11th -13th

Evangelism Consultation – Presbyteries

EVENT :   Evangelism Consultation – Presbyteries

VENUE:   Ramseyer Training Centre

DATE:  5th – 7th

Standing Committee

EVENT : Standing Committee

VENUE: General Assembly Office

DATE:  11th -13th

  • The Eastern Regional Minister, Honourable Antwi Boasiako-Sekyere, has commended the Presbyterian Church of Ghana on its contributions to socio-economic development to the country since its establishment in 1828.


  • Fourteen MinisterialProbationers have been ordained at a special service at the FafrahaVictory Presbyterian Congregationin Accra.


    The facts of the beginnings of the PCG are now so well known that one does not need to repeat the details here. 

  • The Centrality of the Word of God , Discipline , Hard work , Intergrity

    Humility ,Unity , Upholding Democratic Principles , Godly Leadership and Skills Development

    Sound Moral Principles ,Upholding Democratic Principles

  • Moderator of the General AssemblyRt. Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey

    Position: Moderator of General Assembley of The Presbyterian Church of Ghana

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Clerk of General Assembly
    Rev. Dr. Samuel Ayete-Nyampong

    Position: Clerk of General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church of Ghana


  • Rev. Dr. Godwin. N. N. Odonkor

    The Ga Presbytery traces its origin to the Ga-Adangme Presbytery.

    By a Synod resolution in 1971, the Ga-Adangme Presbytery was split into two (2), namely, the Ga Presbytery and Dangme-Tongu Presbytery, to facilitate evangelism and ensure more efficient administration.

     The Ga-Adangme Presbytery had existed for fifty (50) years, being one of the original five (5) Presbyteries created by Synod in 1922.


  • Rev. Kofi Amfo-Akonno
    The Asante Presbytery is one of the first Presbyteries to be created by the first Synod of the PCG held at Kyebi on July 21, 1922.

    In fact, it was known as Asante-Asante Akyem Presbytery which continued to operate until Asante Akyem was carved out later. Presbytery Statistics(2009)

    • Total membership : 94,482
    • Number of Ministers: 84
    • Number of Trained Catechists: 149
    • Number of Caretakers: 501
    • No. of Presbyters: 3353
    • No. of Districts: 29
    • No. of Congregations:447
    • No. of Preaching posts:248
    • Presbytery Office staff:19

    For more on the Asante Presbytery, Please click on this link asantepresbytery.webs.com

  • Rev. Daniel Opong-Wereko

    The Volta Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana was erected on Sunday the 4th of July 1993 .

    It was part of the then Akuapem-Volta Presbytery. It became necessary to separate the two because of the vastness of the area and to facilitate effective management of the area. 

  • In August 1972 Synod at Tamale in the Northern Region, it was decided that the former Akyem/Kwahu Presbytery be separated to form two Presbyteries, namely, the Akyem Abuakwa Presbytery and the Kwahu Presbytery.

    During this period, Rev. S.O. Karikari was the Presbytery Chairman and Rev. C.W. Osei was the Presbytery Clerk.